Elliott HB

Artist, Animator, Voice Actor, Game Developer


Hi, I'm Elliott (they/them/theirs)! I'm an artist, animator, indie game dev and voice actor who studied at Maine College of Art (MECA). I graduated in the class of 2021 with a BFA in Animation & Game Art. I am located in Portland, ME but am willing to work remotely. I am also a graduate of MECA's Pre-College summer intensive program with a dual major in Illustration and Music. I also graduated high school with full honors from National Art Honor Society. I work both digitally and traditionally. I am proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Animate, Illustrator, and After Effects. I also use Procreate and Clip Studio Paint. I am currently learning the Toon Boom software suite.

I am currently working on my own series called Worlds Apart and I am a co-producer on a series called Newt

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Voice Work

Series: Newt
Role: May
Notes: Main character/recurring role

Series: Pest House
Role: Cowpox
Notes: Main character

Animation Reel






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discord: birblings#4954


Senior Thesis Project

Worlds Apart
Coming May 2021- Maine College of Art Thesis Exhibition

Synopsis: Worlds Apart is an idea for a series spanning across multiple types of media that I'm aiming to pitch to different studios and networks. The series follows Maia, a girl from Earth and the daughter of a science company CEO; and Emet, a demon-like creature from another world as they team up to save both of their homes from eternal doom and totalitarian rule, as well as preventing both of their kinds from starting a war with each other.

The Project: My project is taking the story and turning it into a visual novel game as the debut piece of media for the universe. It was originally going to be an animated pilot with a pitch package but this change came about after I did some thinking about what I can realistically accomplish in the short amount of time I have left of school. I'm also only one person and can only do so much. The game will be released in multiple increments or "Chapters" over an extended period of time. The first chapter will be released on itch.io on May 10th.

itch.io release page & devlog

Promo Image

In development screenshots

Teaser Images

The Main Characters

Newt at the Museum
Credits: Voice Actor, Assistant Animator, Recording Engineer

The Life of Aaron
Credits: Assistant Director, Acting Extra

Credits: Colorist, Recording Engineer, Scratch Voice Actor (unlisted)